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  Raw Shea Butter owes it's origin to the Shea Tree.  The Shea Tree, which can live for up to two centuries,  bears fruit after 15 years and produces a full crop after 25 years.  This amazing tree grows mainly in West Africa.
  The Shea Tree cannot be cultivated. It blooms from only two months out of a year, from June to July,  and bears dark green fruits which fall to the ground when ripe. Inside each fruit is a nut with a hard white kernel which is the source of the Shea Butter. Before the Shea Nuts are collected, a prayer is said. This has been the practice for centuries in Ghana. The prayer is simply to thank mother nature for providing the shea tree, and also to show respect for collecting it's fruit.

Raw Shea Butter has many uses.  It evens skin tone to restore luster to skin and hair, absorbs quickly into the skin leaving no greasy residue, and does not clog pores.  Shea butter protects and moisturizes the skin and scalp and is especially good for heat-treated hair.  It is naturally rich in vitamins A, E, & F which helps to revitalize, soften, and maintain skin moisture.  Shea Butter penetrates the skin to restore elasticity and keep you feeling clear and smooth.

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