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Choosing the Best Black Soap

Choosing the right black soap

Too many soaps to choose from ?

Black soap derives it's name from it's dark color. While most authentic African black soaps are actually closer to brown in color - the name "black soap" has stuck.

But we carry so many black soaps - which one is right for you. Like so many decisions in life, that depends alot on what you are looking for. Here's a quick rundown of some black soap options...

Authentic black soap - a real black soap is technically one that is made in Africa using authentic ingredients and methods. If what you are looking for is a connection to something age-old and natural than we can recommend several of our authentic African black soaps. These include our authentic black soap from Ghana which comes in 2 sizes - a generous 8 oz "bar" and a large 8lb size for those who want to buy in bulk. Both are made in Ghana using cocoa butter, palm and other traditional ingredients and are wrapped in brown paper.

An alternative to the village made Ghana soap is our Afrikan Republic black soap - made for us by Alaffia - and manufactured in the African nation of Togo. Afrikan Republic black soap contains a large percentage of shea butter - 48% - more than any other soap we carry. A roughly 3oz bar costs $5.49 and a six pack is available for $29.95 (at the time this article was written - prices are subject to change).

Either soap provides you with an authentic African soap - the Ghana soap is very traditional while the Afrikan Republic soap from Togo is very high quality - but costs more.

Dudu-Osun - this is a genuine black soap from the African nation of Nigeria and it's the best selling black soap on the market. This difference between Dudu-Osun (which means "black soap" in Nigerian) and our other African black soaps is that Dudu-Osun is manufactured rather than hand made and produced and packaged in bars and packed in an attractive box.

Black Soaps produced in the US - If you are looking for a black soap that offers the convenience of modern US manufacturing and packaging then we offer quite a few alternatives. Our best-selling US supplied black soap is Nubian Heritage Black Soap with Oats and Aloe. This is a very popular soap that is black in color and contains oats to remove dead skin cells and aloe to soften and protect skin.

Afrikan Republic also offers two black soaps from Madina - Black soap with Shea Butter and Black soap with Cocoa Butter. In addition we offer several "black soaps" that aren't even black - like the SunAroma Soy Milk soap - which contains many of the ingredients of black soap but is actually white (and it's a really nice soap, too).

While this article doesn't cover every aspect of black soap we hope it helps you when making your black soap purchasing decision.

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Choosing the Best Black Soap
By Afrikan Republic
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