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Genuine Ghana Bulk Soap

12 lb Bulk Black Soap from Ghana

Bulk Black Soap Made from coconut oil, cocoa pod ashes, plantain skins ashes, and palm oil - this is authentic African bulk black soap made in Ghana.

If you aren't familiar with black soap, you'll find that it is a unique and wonderful product. How many products can we use today that are really made in traditional ways by people who have been making the product this way for generations?
The first thing you will notice about "black" soap is that it's really brown. The other thing you may notice is a white sheen that sometimes appears on the soap which people mistakenly assume is mold or a fungus. What really happens is that the soap, which is usually wrapped in brown grocers paper, oxidizes as it comes in contact with the air. You can wash this right off. Re-wrap your soap in saran wrap if you don't want this to occur.
So why would anyone want a 12lb lb soap? (note that the weight varies - this is really hand made!)
One reason is that you can break or cut off small pieces at a time and use it for a long, long time. Another good reason is you can cut this in small blocks and sell it to friends and family, or at your local farmers market or fair at a good profit.
If you cut the soap into 8oz pieces and charge $6 per chunk you can earn up to $240 off one bulk black soap. Or cut it into 4 oz pieces at $4 per and earn $320. Earn money and help people by providing them with an authentic, natural product.
At Afrikan Republic we've never had anyone report skin reactions to the authentic black soap from Ghana. We're not saying it can't happen - but after selling this soap for over 10 years you expect to hear some negative feedback - and we haven't.
Bulk Black Soap
12 pounds

Genuine Ghana Bulk Soap
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