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Shea Butter Information & Benefits

Can I use shea butter directly on my lips?

Absolutely - when you are using a 100% natural shea butter like those sold at Afrikan Republic. The only caution we might advise is if you are using a scented shea butter test to make sure your lips are sensitive to the essential oil. If you are using a scented shea butter we would recommend our Vanilla Scented Shea Butter, for an unscented shea butter we recommend our golden shea butter.

How to store shea butter

Shea butter can last for years if stored properly. Storing shea butter isn't difficult - the most important things are to keep your shea butter out of direct sunlight and temperature extremes (not too hot or too cold - room temperature is fine) and to keep it from very moist or humid conditions. Occasionally Shea Butter will bleach to a white color - if this happens just mix it up and all should be fine. The only thing you really need to worry about is if your shea butter actually grows mold - much like you would find on bread - in this case it has probably been stored in humid or moist conditions and should be disposed of.

What color is shea butter?

Shea Butter comes in a variety of colors and shades, depending on it's region of source in Africa. Most commonly shea butter ranges from a beige to a light yellow. However, shea butter is sometimes almost white and can be very deep yellow or even have a slight olive tinge.

How is shea butter pronounced?

Like this - "shay butter"

How should I use raw shea butter?

Raw Shea Butter can be applied directly to the skin on any part of your body - face, arms, hands, feet and on the body itself. To apply shea butter, just dip your fingers into your container of shea butter and scoop out as much as you'd like to rub in. Then work the shea butter gently into your skin. It should disappear leaving a healthy sheen.

Raw shea butter can also be applied to hair using the same technique as you use on your skin - except that you will gently massage the shea butter into your hair and scalp (depending on the length and style of your hair). Apply a small amount for added moisture and control, or consider using the shea nut oil instead.

What are the benefits of shea butter to the skin?

Shea butter offers many benefits to your skin. It fights aging, reduces dryness and dry spots, it's very helpful for those fighting issues with diabetes. Shea butter helps stretch marks and reduces burn marks or other skin disfigurements, such as those left from acne.

Is shea butter comedogenic?

Shea butter is regarding as being non-comedogenic, meaning it does not block pores and contribute to acne. On a scale of 0-5, with 5 being the most likely to block your pores, shea butter ranks a 0, meaning it doesn't clog pores.

Does Shea Butter clog pores?

No - shea butter will not clog your pores. This is very important to note since shea butter is used in so many products, is natural and is such an incredibly versatile skin and hair care product.

Does Shea Butter heal acne/acne scars?

Shea butter is widely known to reduce scarring, including acne scars. While shea butter probably won't heal your acne many people use shea butter as part of their overall acne skin care regimen.

Can I use Shea Butter on my hair?

Absolutely- many people, regardless of hair type or skin color, use shea butter for added control and manageability and all round healthier hair.grainy shea butter - what does that mean?

Why is my shea butter grainy?

Sometimes a batch of shea butter becomes "grainy" during the process of melting and cooling - you might feel a slight grittiness as you rub your shea butter in. This just requires a bit of extra effort, isn't harmful, and may add some exfoliating qualities to your shea butter!

Eastern shea butter vs western shea butter

Most shea butter comes from west Africa - particularly Ghana, where the shea nuts grow wild and can be harvested by local residents, who add to their income through shea butter production. Some shea butter, however, is produced in eastern Africa, often Uganda. East African shea butter tends to be lighter in color and texture, and typically is more expensive that west African shea butter.

What results show I expect from Shea Butter?

The results you'll see from shea butter vary but typically Afrikan Republic customers report excellent results from the use of shea butter. These results include improvements in these areas - reduced damage caused by diabetes to the skin, fewer wrinkles and age spots, elimination or reduction of stretch marks (particularly difficult for darker skinned individuals), less acne and reduced scarring, elimination of "ashy" skin and for hair - decreased brittleness and increased manageability and thickness.

Shea butter for use on babies

With any product you use on your baby you should test it first. But of course natural shea butter is used throughout western Africa and is used quite often on young children. Shea butter is used as a cooking oil and is generally a very safe product.

Be cautious when using a scented shea butter on your baby - they could be sensitive to the scent, especially if you are using a chemically scented shea butter.

Can I use Shea Butter during pregnancy

Absolutely - during pregnancy you are likely to stress your skin (and your partner, kids, yourself) so it's especially important to keep your skin moistened and pliable during pregnancy. Using shea butter can reduce the incident of stretch marks, and you know you don't want them!

Is it Ok to use Shea Butter on my face

There is no better place to use shea butter than on your face. Your face is most exposed to sun, wind and though black women are famous for maintaining their youthful looks every wants to avoid the signs of aging, wrinkles and laugh lines. Shea Butter also acts as a sun screen - making it less likely that your face will be much darker when beach time comes!

How do I and should I melt Shea Butter

If you really need to melt your shea butter (perhaps to blend in a scent or mix it with other oils) we recommend melting over the lowest possible heat. If possible, just warm it enough to mix in your additional ingredients. Shea butter can turn grainy when you over heat it.

How does Shea Butter help my scalp

Your scalp is the base for a beautiful head of hair. Having a properly moisturized scalp reduces dandruff. In addition, shea butter contains vitamins necessary for healthy skin. A healthy scalp is the beginning of healthy hair.

What is the shea butter nut

Shea Butter is made from the oil boiled out of the shea butter, or karite, nut. This nut grows wild in western African nations like Ghana and has been harvested and converted into shea butter for eons.

What does Shea Butter Smell Like?

Raw, natural shea butter typically has a smoky scent to it. Some find this natural scent to be slightly unpleasant but most adjust to the scent very quickly. If you prefer you can purchase a scented shea butter but it's best to make sure your shea butter is scented with natural or essential oils, rather than a chemical fragrance. All Afrikan Republic Shea Butters are naturally scented.

If your shea butter has no scent and is very white, most likely it's a refined shea butter. Refined shea butter is used in most commercial cosmetics and products that contain shea butter. For a shea butter cream that uses raw shea butter try the Afrikan Republic Shea Butter Cream.

Shea Butter and eczema

Eczema is a painful and irritating skin disease that effects many people. We can't tell you how many of our customers have reported that natural shea butter provided more relief for their shea butter than $100's of dollars of prescriptions from their dermatologist.
Will Shea Butter reduce my wrinkles
Shea Butter will definitely help reduce wrinkles and signs of aging. Shea butter not only moisturizes your skin but also provides valuable nutrients your skin needs to repair and heal itself.

Will Shea Butter moisturize my dry skin?

Absolutely - shea butter is natures perfect skim moisturizer. When using shea butter you know you aren't rubbing harmful chemicals into your skin. If shea butter can moisturize in the heat of western Africa it can moisturize your dry skin.

Will Shea Butter help on my ashy skin?

Ashy skin is know to disappear when shea butter is used regularly. Apply any where you typicall see ashy skin, most often found on elbows, knees and legs.